Get rid of Under Eye Dark Circles..

Eyes , Baking Soda , Under Eye Dark Circle ( आँखों के नीचे काले घेरे ) ,

Under Eye Dark Circles is a very common problems among females around the age of 30+, it's really simple to get rid out of it... Just try this simple remedy and live healthy always without dark circles......... Read More

Get rid of Uncontrolled Fever / Malaria Fever..

Lemon (नींबू) , Salt (नमक) , Drinking Water (पानी) , Uncontrolled Fever ( अनियंत्रित बुखार ) , Malaria Fever ( मलेरिया बुखार ) ,

Some times fever stays for long and does not get controlled with even lot of treatment.. this simple remedy can help you curing uncontrolled fever within a very short time span......... Read More

Tanning removal

Curd (दही) , Turmeric ( हल्दी ) , Tanning ,


Try removing tanning on your skin at home with this easy home remedy....... Read More