How to reduce wait in less than 2 weeks time

Stomachache (पेटदर्द)


If you are not happy with your over weight and heavy chunks of mass on your lower stomach then get happy , i am here to suggest you a great method to reduce your 3 to 4 kgs weight in just 2 weeks time.

Step 1: Start drinking luke (warm water with lemon and honey) water in the morning.

Step 2 : Take a light healthy breakfast ( mostly cereals , grains like peanuts , milk , peanut sandwich etc)

Step 3 : Stop eating 3 white things in a large amount : Sugar , Salt and Flour

Step 4: do not eat a lot of food at one sit that is try to break up your food timings and take if you feel hungry in between eat some healthy things like digestive biscuits etc.

Step 5 : Stop eating rice and heavy food at night eat salads , eat rich natural carbs etc.

Follow the above steps and you are good to reduce upto 4 kgs by ....... Read More