7 Best Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Orange (संतरा) , Mouth Ulcer (मुंह के छाले) , Honey ( शहद , मधु ) , Garlic ( लहसुन ) , Apple Cider Vinegar ( सेब का सिरका ) , Coconut Oil (नारियल का तेल) ,

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1. Honey
Thanks to the antibacterial qualities of honey, it can act as a very effective remedy for ulcers. It provides moisture and prevents it from becoming dry. All you need to do is take some raw honey and apply it on the ulcers. You can also add some turmeric to it to speed up the healing process. Apply it every few hours for relief.

2. Coconut oil
Coconut oil helps in reducing the discomfort caused due to the ulcer by reducing the swelling. Anti-inflammatory compounds in coconut oil help in doing so. All you need to do is dab a cotton ball in some virgin coconut oil and apply it on your ulcers. Repeat this after every few hours. You can also apply coconut oil to ulcers and sleep with it.

3. Apple cider vinegar
Though the pungent taste and the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar can hurt you, this one is a powerful home remedy for ulcers. Just mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water and swish the solution in your mouth for a few minutes. Do this every morning and night till the ulcer heals.

4. Salt water
This one is probably the most recommended home remedy for ulcers. Gargle with salt water is that one remedy your elders would always come to you with and it is very effective too. Water has a soothing effect on the ulcer and salt helps in healing it. Just take a glass of lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. Gargle thoroughly with this solution and repeat after a few hours.

5. Toothpaste
Antimicrobial properties of toothpaste helps in killing the infection that is causing the ulcer. Also, toothpaste has a cooling effect on the ulcer which prevents it from burning and causing discomfort. This one might sting a bit later so apply some aloe vera gel for relief. Take some toothpaste on a Q-tip and apply it on the ulcer. Leave it on for some time and then rinse your mouth. Repeat this till the ulcer disappears.

6. Fortified orange juice
The key purpose of this one is providing the body with vitamin C. As it has been stated before, ulcers are the result of Vitamin C deficiency; this one can help meet the required needs. Drink two glasses of orange juice every day till the ulcer heals.

7. Garlic
One of the most commonly used home remedies; garlic can help you fight ulcers as well. All you need to do is rub one garlic clove on the ulcer very gently for a minute or two. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after 30 minutes. Repeat this till the ulcer vanishes.