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You want to look for uneven skin texture and tone, redness, splotches, marks, freckles, splotches, age spots, or pimples.

When you find any of the above, pay attention to the area of your face it is in and find the corresponding organ or body system. This guide will give you a way to balance those areas.

Forehead = digestive system. Drink lots of water with lemon in it, green tea (especially matcha), and eat plenty of berries every day. Make sure you are getting plenty of quality sleep and find ways to de-stress your mind.

Nose = heart. You often see a long time alcoholic with a classic red nose. Alcohol will eventually negatively impact the functioning of your heart. You will often see someone with high blood pressure and a lot of stress. Taking up yoga and mediation is important. Reducing or eliminating alcohol (even if you are not an alcoholic) will help your heart.

Eyebrows and between = liver. Reduce your intake of unhealthy fats. Use coconut oil or butter to cook with and give up the other oils. If you are sensitive to alcohol, you will also see irregularities in this area. Also look for extra deep lines or 1 deep line in the middle between your brows. This is an immediate sign that you should eliminate alcohol.

Ears = kidneys. How many people look at their ears regularly? When you see redness in the ear, splotches, freckles or pimples you know that you need to increase your water intake and remove caffeine and salt from your diet.

Cheeks = lungs. You will see irregularities in these areas if you have food allergies, seasonal allergies, or other allergies. Drinking apple cider vinegar in your water and doing a liver cleanse will help your lungs function better. (The organs in your body impact one another.)

Mouth and Center of Chin = stomach and small intestines. You should avoid processed food, especially fast food. Look at food combining to help these areas. Make sure you are pooping every day at least 2x a day.

Sides of Mouth and Chin = reproductive organs and kidneys. This area is related to your menstrual cycles, sex drive and hormonal balance. If you want regulation in these areas, reduce or remove sugar from your diet and eat 1 cup of black beans per day divided and eat 2x a day.
There you have it - face mapping is pretty cool! Grab a mirror and let me know what your face says about you!

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