High Blood Pressure

Onion ( प्याज़ ) , Honey ( शहद , मधु ) , Drinking Water (पानी) , , Blood Pressure (रक्तचाप) ,

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Mix juice of onion and pure honey in equal quantity. Taken two spoons of this mixture once a day is an effective remedy for high blood pressure. Take for about a week. Upon noticing improvement, take for few more days as needed.

Onion juice reduces cholesterol and works as a tonic for nervous system. It cleans blood, helps digestive system, cures insomnia and regulates the heart action.

Honey soothes the nerves and is also helpful in lowering the high blood pressure.

Other helpful remedies for High Blood Pressure:

Keep clean potable water in a copper urn overnight. Drink a glass early morning.
Take four leaves of Basil and two leaves of Neem (Margosa) and grind them with four spoons of water. Take this ground mixture empty stomach with a glass of water.
Eat empty stomach one Papita (Papaya) everyday for one month. Do not take anything after this for at least two hours.