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Why to choose Indian traditional knowledge over chemical methods?

Indian methods of medications and treatments have long been lying, in a very subtle way, in the undercurrents of Indian tradition. No one can deny the presence and importance of desi methods that every household tries once in a while for one or the other problem. But since these indigenous methods are not packed up in glamour as other foreign and novice methods are, these methods have seen a major downfall in the popularity and use.

Launching in sweet memory of My Mother on 25th DECEMBER 2014

With the focus on glorifying the indigenous methods of treatments and medication, www.desiilaaz.com is committed towards providing a single platform to the people from India and worldwide to discuss their problems and find a solution in the most natural way. Natural remedies are as simple and harmless as the Mother Nature herself. In this sparkling world full of alluring products, how a person can find a way to salt away an extra penny is beautifully showcased through this website. On this website, people can use our resources and users to share any problem they have including health, agriculture, animal husbandry, pet care etc, and they can be given an advice pertaining to the traditional Indian knowledge. The process can also be vice- versa, where anybody can share their piece of knowledge with the community at desiilaaz and transform our community into a better hub of traditional knowledge.
In an era where we have fully staged performances in an action packed advertisements demonstrating the exemplary powers and capabilities of so called modern products, why is it important to bounce back into the periphery of nature in search of our problems? Without any doubt, these product marketing strategies are completely successful in wooing the audience into buying their lustrous products. But if anybody runs an eye through the ingredients used, they will be startled to see a long list of chemicals used in the product, half of which can’t be even spelled properly by most of the general public. Many researches have now proven that some beautifying products and even some toothpaste have been found to contain carcinogenic substances. Nobody can even think of touching any carcinogen in general, let alone applying it to their body. This is the main reason why there has been a slow but consistent drift from chemical methods to natural methods in the general public when it comes to choosing what kind of product they apply to themselves or to their surroundings.
But despite of the realization of the above fact, people often remain perplexed about what “Desi Nuskha” to use in various situations and finally end up using the chemical and harmful methods in time of urgent needs. That’s exactly where www.desiilaaz.com can prove to be a boon to such people, where they can share the cause of their muddle with the fellow members, and get a probable solution for their problem.