Taking Care of Pimples, Scar, Acne or Wrinkles

Lemon (नींबू) , Pimple (मुँहासा) , दालचीनी / CINNEMON / DALCHINI , Face Scars (दाग धब्बे) , जायफल / MYRISTICA FRAGRANS / JAIPHAL / JAYPHAL / NUTMEG , Honey ( शहद , मधु ) , Wrinkle ( झाइयाँ ) , Acne ,


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Source : Mrs. Chaturvedi (78 Years)

Nature has given has unlimited access to cure every thing.. the fact is how perfectly we utilize the sources. Our Ancestor were expert of desi ilaaz and our aim is to keep those tricks alive for our upcoming generations to keep them chemical free... The process explained above is guided by one of very old lady who had recommended the process to many and cure them since last 60 years.. Just have a try.......... Read More

चेहरे के दाग-धब्बे को हटाने के नुस्खे

Tomato (टमाटर) , Salt (नमक) , Cumin (जीरा) , Black Pepper (काली मिर्च) , Coconut (नारियल) , Potato (आलू) , जायफल / MYRISTICA FRAGRANS / JAIPHAL / JAYPHAL / NUTMEG , Milk , Lemon (नींबू) , Orange (संतरा) , Lentils (मसूर की दाल) , दालचीनी / CINNEMON / DALCHINI , Curd (दही) ,


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Source : दादीमाँकेनुस्खे.कॉम

- चेहरे के काले दागों को मिटाने के लिए टमाटर के रस में रुई भिगोकर दागो पर मलें। काले धब्बे साफ हो जाएंगे।
- रोजाना सुबह एक गिलास टमाटर के रस में नमक, जीरा, कालीमिर्च मिलाकर पीए....... Read More

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